I was born in England, the eldest of four children. I moved a great deal as a kid, including to Australia, Italy and France. 

From a modest family, I worked part-time in a variety of jobs while studying. At one stage I was employed in a French patisserie where I was allowed to eat as many cakes as I liked. It was a battle not to put on too many kilos there but I certainly enjoyed it! At night, hidden under my bedcovers with a torch so my parents wouldn't tell me off, I devoured books instead of cakes: Madame Bovary, Jane Eyre and Lady Chatterley's Lover to name a few. 

I married young and with my husband returned to Australia, two cardboard suitcases in hand, in search of a better life. While I obtained a law degree there, working as a solicitor for well over a decade, I never stopped writing. In 2011 I joined Anna Jacobs' critique group, Fine Print, and am still a member of that wonderful group all these years later, attending remotely nowadays. Technology is amazing! In 2013 my first book, Dark Oil, was published with Escape Publishing, a HarperCollins imprint

After thirty years in Western Australia, my French husband and I felt a need to reconnect with our European family. We now live in a lovely coastal town in Brittany with our daughter and five furry pets.